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North American Cherry



The wood is a reddish brown color and is a popular selection in case good furniture, especially bedroom furniture and tables. It has a very good texture and is medium in hardness. These features make it a favorite of wood workers and consumers where it contends with walnut and mahogany for beauty.



There is a limited supply in the eastern, mid-western, and southern United States. the highest quality comes from the Appalachian Mountains, especially in the northern region. Although the volume of growing timber is limited, the available supply is greater than demand because the cabinet industry is down 60% in the US. Sawmills are eager to sell the available supply at depressed prices that are a bargain given the value of its quality characteristics.



The upper grades of lumber are used in case goods furniture, trim, cabinets, and other woodworking projects. The 2A and 3A grades are used widely as frame stock and other furniture parts. Craftsmen can use these grades also for custom made furniture. Cants and timbers from the center of the log are used for pallet lumber and cross ties.