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North American Walnut



The wood itself is moderately hard and is easily worked through the planer or moulder. It is lighter than oak and has medium strength. It is a favorite species of woodworkers because of its soft texture, weight, and beautiful grain and color. The outer part of the tree develops a white sapwood usually creating a 1" to 3" sapwood ring. When the lumber is steamed as part of the kiln drying process, the sapwood turns dark. the lumber is very similar to mahogany in looks and texture and is so close in appearance that it is difficult to tell by an inexperienced lumberman.



There is a limited supply in the eastern, mid-western, and southern United States.  Black Walnut and a less abundant variety Butternut is mixed together in lumber packs.  Butternut has a lighter color hue than Black Walnut.



The upper grades of lumber are used in case goods furniture such as bedroom furniture and tables.  Upper grades are also used for moulding, picture frames, and trim work.  The 2A and 3A grades are used widely as frame stock and other furniture parts although craftsmen can use these grades in furniture making too.  Cants and timbers for pallet lumber and crossties are cut from the center.