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North American White Oak

White Oak


The pores are closed making a smooth surface when dressed.  The closed pores are an important aspect of cooperage where tight, closed pores enable the storage of liquids like whiskey and wine.



Abundant in the eastern, mid-western, and southern United States.  Although abundant in supply, most mills will have 1 load of white oak to 2 loads of red oak.  There are varieties of species and the lumber is often mixed:  White Oak, Willow Oak, Water Oak, Post Oak, Chestnut Oak.  Sometimes mills sort the Chestnut Oak out of the White Oak as the chestnut color is a deeper hue and the quality is often reduced.  



The upper grades of lumber with few defects are often used in the manufacture of case good furniture, table tops, chairs, moulding, and trim work.  Staves for cooperage come from the upper grades.  The middle grades are used primarily for flooring, fence boards, and frame stock for upholstered furniture.  The lower grades are used for frame stock for upholstered furniture, rustic flooring, fence boards, pallets, and railroad crossties.